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All our track-etched membrane filters are in-house manufactured from high quality raw materials made of polycarbonate (PC), polyester (PET) or polyimide (PI) films and using track-etching technology.

Characterised by a uniform and precise pore size, track-etched membrane filters have a sharp cut-off and are available in a wide range of porosity with a low thickness from 6 to 50 microns.  Also known as screen filters, their smooth and flat surface make them ideal for applications where accurate analyses of retained particles are essential.

With large manufacturing capacities in the form of 50 centimetres wide rolls – up do 50 centimetres wide and 400 meters long -, our track-etched membrane filters are easily converted in narrower reels – down to 10 millimetres wide -, into sheets with various formats, into squares, discs or any other sized samples at the client’s request.

Raw materials for track-etched membrane filters

Pore size range for track-etched membrane filters